Excel Data Bridge

Is your team spending too long keying data into Sage from Microsoft Excel?

Save time with this solution from Draycir!

Enter data in Excel – Browse data – Validate data – Push into Sage
All with the knowledge it will follow your system’s rules

Excel Data Bridge has been developed to save time entering data into Sage, enabling you to create and edit data in the familiar spreadsheets you use daily.

Through taking a fresh look at data entry into Sage 200cloud within Microsoft Excel, Excel Data Bridge simplifies and streamlines the routine entry of accounts data, sales orders, purchasing and stock.

Quick and Efficient

Excel Data Bridge enables manipulation of data in Microsoft Excel and then posts it directly into Sage; all without the need to rekey your data.

Feedback as to whether this has been done correctly is instantly provided, allowing users who are less experienced in Sage the ability to enter data confidently into the system.

Users can browse data from Sage within Excel, for example nominal codes, costs centres and departments, and follow set rules to ensure consistency.

The variety of Excel Data Bridge functions have many uses to help your business reduce wasted time and build efficiency, leaving your teams to focus on other tasks that contribute to your organisation’s goals.

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Excel Data Bridge functions include...

  • Nominal Ledger (NL)

    Uses the power of Excel to do regular calculations and upload the NL data directly into Sage. Users can avoid time consuming, people heavy data entry to nominal, usually kept in Excel and then manually transfer the data into Sage via a form per journal. This is one of the most popular sheets provided by Excel Data Bridge.

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  • Sales Orders

    The Sales Orders sheet creates Sales Orders either individually or as a batch in Sage which includes mapping of analysis codes. Provides a streamlined alternative to manually entering data into Sage

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  • PL Invoice

    Enables you to post Purchase Ledger Invoices against the Purchase Ledger as well as ability to browse on relevant codes and post into Purchase Ledger. It also manages credit. Eliminates need to manage frequent data entry.

  • Cash Receipts

    Saves time by creating a batch upload of cash receipts including vatable and non-vatable receipts

  • SL Invoice

    Allows user to post Sales Ledger Invoices against the Sale Ledger. Replaces a previously time heavy task of manual entry into Sage and rekeying into Sage 200

  • Cash Payments

    This sheet creates a batch upload of cash payments. This avoids manually rekeying into Nominal Ledger in Sage 200, saving a huge amount of time

  • Project cost adjustments

    Analyse cost and revenue adjustments to projects. If costs are posted to the wrong Project, these can be adjusted to the appropriate project. Miss-postings can also be adjusted quickly and easily.

  • Purchase Order Creation

    The Purchase Order Creation sheet allows you to create Purchase Orders either individually or on block. Templates can be prepopulated with typical re-order requirements and used regularly.

  • SL Cash (with allocation)

    Allows users to enter cash items into Microsoft Excel, you can then either match manually or choose to automatically match and associate each cash payment with the correct invoice. Ideal if you sell goods through a channel marketplace such as Amazon or eBay and receive a report of payments. Users can save hours of effort through the click of an Excel Data Bridge button.

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  • PL Cash (With allocation)

    The Purchase Ledger Cash Allocation sheet allows users to enter cash items into Microsoft Excel, you can then either match manually or choose to automatically match and associate each cash payment with the correct invoice. Saves time of repeated data entry in both Excel and Sage 200. Project cost adjustments The Purchase Order Creation sheet allows you to create Purchase Orders either individually or on block.

  • Inter Account Transfer

    Enables you to record bank transfers between accounts using the Inter Account Transfers option within Sage 200. Allows you to record the movement of money from one account to another, including allowing for foreign currency transfers with exchange rates, capture commissions and record nominal postings. With this being in Excel, you can enter large numbers of transactions, copy and paste from other sources and post to Sage all from within Excel.

  • Stock

    Used to create new stock records, including the ability to upload to multiple warehouse combinations without the need to split the upload by warehouse. Enables the ability to create bins and populate the legislative information. The sheet supports the supplier, memo, search category and analysis code tabs allowing multiple entries for each plus support for pricing, units of measure and batch information.

  • Sales Ledger Allocation

    Allows existing ‘Sales Ledger open items’ to be allocated together. User specifies a list of allocations in the form of open debit and credit items in the function. These are then validated to ensure the items exist and are open, before the allocation is then posted into Sage.

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Here are some comments from our customers

I had an employee in-house inputting cash received into Sage from Excel, taking up valuable time and sometimes resulting in errors.  Using Excel Data Bridge, we were able to easily update a spreadsheet rather than manually keying this into Sage, avoiding the need for the credit controller to use multiple screens in Sage.
We were spending a large amount of time manually rekeying data in spreadsheets and Sage. Excel Data Bridge reduced the manual elements of this process whilst also reducing the potential for human error when rekeying.