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Get back in control of your business data with Spindle Report Scheduler

Spindle Report Scheduler provides automation of key and important reports by setting up a delivery schedule, ensuring the right information is supplied to the right people at the right time. This replaces the need to rely on manual intervention by physically having to select and filter information in Sage to produce a report.

As a Sage 200 user, you are most probably familiar with using the reporting suite. Spindle Report Scheduler has been created as an in-built add-on module for Sage 200, taking both your standard and customised Sage Reports, automating their delivery. This saves time and ensures quick delivery of important business information.

Spindle Report Scheduler can

  • Collect information from multiple data sources using the Sage Report Designer.
  • Create and deliver smart business solutions direct to your inbox
  • Helps you to plan and make better information decisions about your organisation.
  • Gives the ability to report across your business and easily distribute reports to your management team, allowing them to make more effective decisions based on real-time data.
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Scheduled Reporting

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically from the report management control panel; simply tell Spindle Report Scheduler who you wish to send a report to and when. Spindle Report Scheduler recognises individual preferences which enables you to send reports to everyone in their preferred format. As many of these reports are optimised for mobile devices, you can receive business intelligence wherever you are.

Spindle Report Scheduler enables access to all historical information, analyse trends and see patterns from reports from within the Spindle Report Scheduler Spooler screen, eliminating the need to store a hard copy of a report.

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