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Credit Hound: Limited user licence now available

Bringing centralised communications to businesses

Keeping a record of conversations with customers in Credit Hound helps you and your colleagues be better prepared when speaking to customers.

Customers often have several points of contact within your business, and effective communication between colleagues provides a much better customer experience. By centralising communications, such as the reasons for why payment is delayed, feedback on goods/service received and other useful details, all valuable information can be shared in one place.

We have introduced the Limited User licence as a more affordable option to allow Credit Hound access for sales, administration and customer services staff.

A Limited User can:

  • Add notes to an account or transaction.
  • Have visibility of previous notes made.
  • View accounts in the Accounts list.
  • See which accounts are on stop.

In Credit Hound 5.10, Full System Users and Limited Users have the ability to add notes to a transaction or an account without the need to start a chase. These notes will be visible on the Transaction Dossier and User Activity reports.

Limited Users will not have the ability to chase accounts, run letters and reports, run rules and actions and put accounts on stop.

Please contact us for more information about upgrading to Credit Hound 5.10 and purchasing Limited user licences.

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