Automated Credit Control

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Credit Hound Express is a great starting point, helping you to automate credit control tasks and chase payments faster. But to achieve even more, see what you can do with
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  • Good and bad payers

    Treat good and bad payers differently?

    By identifying who your good and bad payers are, you can control the frequency and tone of communications. Chase bad payers more often and take a gentler approach with good payers.

  • Segment Accounts

    Segment your accounts?

    You may want to segment customers into different groups to set a different chasing cycle or to send more specific letter. For example, by region, size of business, sales person etc.

  • More Letters

    Create more letters?

    Create up to 50 letters so you can treat customers more individually. Create tailored chasing cycles, use alternative languages.

  • Reminders

    Have more rules?

    As your business grows, you will have more on your hands to successfully run your business. Adding more rules will let you automate even more of your daily credit control tasks.

  • Paythem

    Add ‘Pay Now’ buttons to chasing letters?

    ‘Pay Now’ buttons enable your customer to pay instantly using a debit or credit card. Adding this to your chasing letters reduces the time it takes to get paid.

  • Attachments

    Attach invoices to chasing letters?

    Make sure there’s no excuse for a missing invoice. Automatically attach all relevant overdue invoice(s) to the chasing letter.

  • Put accounts on/off stop?

    Accounts can be automatically placed on stop when they reach a certain criteria. You can also put accounts on or off stop when manually chasing for money.

  • Have your colleagues benefit from Credit Hound?

    Keep everyone in the loop by using Business Intelligence users for management or Limited users for sales and administration staff.

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