Invoice Payments
For Worldpay & Opayo

Say goodbye to late payments and make it easy for your customers to pay you directly from their invoice. Spindle Document Distribution automatically adds Pay Now buttons to all your invoices and emails them to your customers, all with one click. Integrate with your chosen payment provider, Worldpay or Opayo to start accepting online payments for invoices.

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Get paid now

  • Add the Pay Now button to invoices, pro forma invoices or statements to get paid faster
  • Faster payments from your customers for improved cash flow
  • Instant payment alternative to cheque and BACS
  • Flexible & secure - all major debit and credit cards and PayPal accepted
  • Easy to set up - ‘Pay Now’ button fully automated by Spindle Document Distribution

How it works

The Pay Now button is automatically added to multiple invoices and sent by email to your customers.

Clicking the Pay Now button takes your customer to your chosen payment portal - Worldpay or Opayo

Your customer can instantly pay online for the outstanding invoice amount.

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Supported Payment Gateways

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I am already a Worldpay customer. What do I need to do to add a payment button to my invoices?

As an existing Worldpay customer you will need to purchase Spindle Document Distribution/Spindle Document Management to enable you to batch send your invoices via email, and with the payment button attached. You will also require an additional installation ID on your existing Worldpay account. Please contact us to ensure you are eligible.

How do I register my interest?

Get in touch with us by completing the form above, email or phone 0116 255 3010 to discuss your requirements.

Does Draycir process my payment?

No, Draycir does not process the payment. The payment is processed through your Worldpay Online account.

I am an existing Spindle Document Distribution/Spindle Document Management user. How do I use Spindle PayThem to add a Opayo or Worldpay - pay button to my invoices?

As an existing Spindle Document Distribution/Spindle Document Management user you will need to upgrade your software to a compatible/latest version. If you are on customer support directly, or through your partner, a software upgrade to a compatible version will be included but you might be charged for the time it takes to install. At the same time, for your payments to be processed you will also require either a:

  • Opayo account.
  • Worldpay account. Please contact us to discuss your Worldpay requirements.
Can I change the colour of Pay Now button?

Yes, there are 4 colours available: Blue, Green, Dark Grey and Light Grey.