Spindle Document Distribution (stand-alone) release notes

Version: 8.8

Release Date: 17/09/2019

Major Additions:

  • Support for browsers to download directly into the “PDF to Spindle” monitored folder (#37578)

Version: 8.7

Release Date: 03/07/2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Unable to print documents from Crystal Reports (#35394)
  • If the 'PDF to Spindle' service is set to automatic startup, documents are not processed after the machine has been restarted (#36208)

Version: 8.6

Release Date: 17/05/2019

Major Additions:

  • ‘PDF to Spindle’ now auto detects the page size and orientation per document (#35041)

Minor Additions:

  • Introduced an “unprocessed” folder within the ‘PDF to Spindle’ monitoring directory to handle documents that fail processing (#35002)
  • Notification area now provides notifications and status for ‘PDF to Spindle’ (#33612)

Bug fixes:

  • After upgrading, the ‘PDF to Spindle’ user interface cannot be opened (#33213)

Version: 8.4

Release Date: 29/03/2019

Major Additions:

  • Enhanced support for the processing of PDF files through Spindle Document Distribution via the ‘PDF to Spindle’ feature (#31471)

With PDF to Spindle, you can drop or have your application save PDF files (or zip file containing PDFs) into a monitoring directory. PDF to Spindle then processes the files retaining the integrity of all commands, allowing Spindle Document Distribution to process and distribute your PDF documents with ease.

Version: 8.3.1

Release Date: 01/03/2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Criteria issue on database update causing previously disabled criteria statements to become active (#32443)
  • Criteria does not support blank values (#32295)

Version: 8.1

Release Date: 15/01/2019

Major Additions:

  • Ability to print with redirected printers when using Windows Default Printer (#30896)
  • Addition of new criteria design to support more than 3 conditions in criteria (#24837)
  • Addition of new ##OVERFORM and ##FORM commands to dynamically specify the position of backdrop forms above or below (#30966)
  • Added new command SPUSERWEBSITE for inserting the user's website into configuration settings within SDD Tools (#30967)

Bug Fixes:

  • User setup wizard closes unexpectedly when configuring MS Exchange email device (#26472)

Version: 7.04.20

Release Date: 17/08/2018

Bug Fixes

  • Better support for embedded fonts (#25234)

Version: 7.04.10

Release Date: 23/07/2018

Major Additions:

  • Spindle Document Distribution is the next generation of Spindle Professional (#13787)
  • All Spindle Professional v6 features
  • All Spindle Document Management - Spindle Document Distribution bug fixes and feature enhancements (from v7.00.0 -> v7.04.7)
  • WorldPay payment provider added to Spindle PayThem. Enable your customers to pay you via the WorldPay online payment portal (#7095)


  • A separate PayThem licence key will be needed in order to use this feature. Please contact Draycir for a PayThem licence key.
  • A new Worldpay Account ID will be needed. Please contact Draycir for more information.
  • PayThem advanced option “location to find commands”. Now external data can be used with PayThem services (#23675)

Bug Fixes:

  • Copy of Document Operations caused any barcodes to be linked across all copied operations. This meant that any changes to a single barcode would also change the barcodes in all the copied operations (#5363)

For the release notes for Spindle Professional v6 visit: