Spindle Self Serve release notes

Version: 1.5

Release Date: 30/09/2019

Major Additions:

  • Brand new ordering screen with order and line analysis codes, warehouse by line, promised and requested dates, multiple comments, free text lines, edit product descriptions and more.
  • Spindle Self Serve link now supports all Sage 200c versions.

Minor Additions:

  • Improved Spindle Self Serve link setup.
  • Ordering remote link now validates access to URL.
  • Images are now optimised in size when uploading against stock items.
  • Performance improvements across many pages.

Bug Fixes:

  • When creating a new user you can now exclude multiple products and product groups.
  • Promotions start date now can be set after end date.
  • POD android now prevents completing the same job multiple times.
  • Order confirmation now shows quote/order correctly.
  • Cancelled and rescheduled deliveries now being sent to mobile application.
  • Sage bulk discounts now showing and applying correctly.

Version: 1.4

Release Date: 18/04/2019

Major Additions:

  • The ability to enable orders, quotes or both per user
  • Configurable order priority added
  • Simplified installation, no need to change IIS App Pool identity or folder permissions
  • Customer stock screen now allows quantity and UOM when adding to an order

Minor Additions:

  • Order history page now shows proof of delivery and dispatch details
  • Account search now includes postcodes
  • You can now hide title text on promotions
  • Promotions now show as expired not just the active status
  • ‘Your Ref.’ added to order acknowledgement emails
  • Query code editing improved
  • Internal stock screen now shows selected customers base price
  • Internal stock screen now has collapsible details panel to provide more space for grid
  • Improved item search performance on place order page
  • Registration page custom text now supports HTML

Bug Fixes:

  • Quote status uses derived rather than Sage status
  • Incorrect order/quote confirmation message
  • Does not use correct VAT rate from sales ledger account
  • Incorrect customer based alternate stock codes
  • Stock warning persists even when disabled in settings
  • Order page prices breaks inhibited if custom price used
  • Customer alt codes do not show on place order item search
  • Stock items dimension does not prevent negative values
  • Zero value credit limit in Sage is treated as unlimited and won’t put the order on hold
  • Application crashes if user tries to login before being authorised
  • Customer fields not preserved when bulk order upload used
  • Cannot save SMTP settings on initial setup
  • Order comment lines with carriage returns were not correctly passed to Sage 200
  • Emails generated used Spindle Self-Serve not site name

Version: 1.3

Release Date: 11/04/2018

Major Additions

  • Order support for Sage 200 cloud.
  • Ability to enable modules per user.
  • Ability to hide Sales Ledger Accounts that are marked as hidden in Sage 200cloud.
  • Option to Include / Exclude Sage archived data.
  • Support for multi-currency.
  • Automated verification email to be sent on registration.
  • Ability to store multiple email queries against orders and invoices.
  • Option to enable order/quote acknowledgment emails.
  • Ability for internal users to edit unit price for orders/quotes.
  • Support for hyperlinks and date ranges on Promotions.
  • On order creation, Sage 200 to show the correct created by name.
  • Option to enable Sage 200 (Sales Order Processing) analysis codes on order history screen.
  • Ability to hide product groups at global or user level.
  • Pro-Forma's to be displayed on order history page.
  • Ability to specify unit of measure when ordering from Stock page.
  • Performance improvements for large Sage 200 datasets.
  • Performance improvements for bulk uploads on 'Place Order'.
  • Performance improvements on documents page when dealing with large numbers of documents.
  • Simplified installation process.
  • Local Windows user - SpindleSelfServeUser created by installer.
  • User automatically assigned to the IIS App pool.

Minor Additions

  • Redesign emails to use the main portal theme.
  • Ability to customise Welcome / Registration page.
  • Ability to add a company logo to emails.
  • Ability to group invoices by status (overdue at the top).
  • Redesign order history details page.
  • New "Forget Me" option to allow users to unregister.
  • Ability to upload or link externally to a privacy policy.
  • Improve filtering options on column headers.
  • Enable searchable lists on accounts / stock search boxes.
  • Usability improvements when saving selection boxes (Document Types, Sales Order analysis Codes) in Settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Order comments appear on customer and pick documents in Sage.
  • Bulk upload unable to handle blank or zero quantities.

Version: 1.2

Release Date: 02/11/2017

Major Additions:

  • Ordering - now supports Sage 200 2011, 2013 R2 and 2015, 2016 and 200c.
  • Ability to specify an order warehouse by user.
  • Ability for internal users to choose any warehouse when placing an order.
  • Improved on hold order logic. If account is over credit limit or current order would go over credit then the order is placed on hold.
  • Ability to add an item to the order basket from the internal stock page.
  • Ability to create quotes as well as sales orders. This can be enabled per customer user, or turned off in the settings.
  • Ability to exclude products from all screens at a global and user level.
  • Added security around failed login attempts.
  • Multiple failed login attempts will now lock a user account.
  • Ability to export audit logs.
  • Improved performance for large data sets.

Minor Additions:

  • Re-designed the user properties panel.
  • Re-designed settings page.
  • Ability to upload multiple images per stock item.
  • Ability for customers to access promotions from the portal at any time.
  • Updated the documents tab to now show Second Reference.
  • Ability to show multiple order numbers against an invoice ‘Your Ref'.