Draycir - Product Lifetime Support Policy

As part of the ongoing development of our software, support for older software releases will be withdrawn.

We are committed to developing software with the highest levels of usability, in line with the latest changes in technology and legislation, whilst meeting customer requirements. We recommend that users upgrade their software to the latest version.

Product versionRelease dateCurrent support status End of Support date*Upgrade path
Spindle Professional 200930/06/2008Support ended01/09/2019Spindle Document Distribution v7
Spindle Professional 2012 25/06/2012Support ended01/09/2019 Spindle Document Distribution v7
Credit Hound v403/09/2012Support ended01/09/2019Credit Hound V6
Spindle Document Capture v109/01/2014Helpdesk support 01/10/2020Spindle Document Management v7
Spindle Professional v621/07/2014Helpdesk support 01/10/2020Spindle Document Distribution v7
Credit Hound v501/12/2015Helpdesk support 01/04/2020Credit Hound V6
Spindle Self Serve v104/07/2017Fully supportedNo confirmed daten/a
Credit Hound v603/08/2017Fully supportedNo confirmed date
Spindle Document Management v7
12/09/2017 Fully supportedNo confirmed daten/a
Spindle Document Distribution v723/07/2018Fully supportedNo confirmed daten/a

*If you are using a version that has reached end of life, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. This may incur costs.

What does the support status mean?

New features Compatibility supportUpdates
Bug fixes
Helpdesk support Remote accessKnowledge Based Articles
Fully supported
Helpdesk support
Support ended